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Our Philosophy

Seastrata Energy Ltd operates under a philosophy of accountability and mutual benefit.

The management team goes beyond what is legally required to personally ensure that any project undertaken by Seastrata is actioned to highest ethical and socially responsible standard.

Seastrata, in its business relationships operates on the basis of developing 'Win, Win, Win' scenarios for the benefit of all.

The first win is for society. All projects must have the goal of the ultimate benefit to people in the local community in which the project is undertaken, the project must contribute to the local economy and community employment. It must also contribute to the protection of the environment and benefit the flora and fauna in the area of the project.

The second win is for the partners and contractors. All projects must ensure that the third party contractors and joint venture partners are engaged in an enterprise that is both profitable to them, enhancing for their business and beneficial to their employees.

The third win is for Seastrata Energy Limited. All projects must develop a return to enable Seastrata to re-invest in new projects, emerging technologies and engage, where appropriate, in community enhancing activities.

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