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Geothermal Energy

There are two primary systems for extracting geothermal energy, water or brine injection through either the same well or two wells separated by a distance, or a closed loop internally contained fluid system.

For the first method, the water is heated directly by the strata that it passes through from the injection point to the recovery well, however both systems require a degree of fracking to open up the rock for the free movement of water. This system also requires very high temperatures to be efficient therefore the boreholes need to be drilled very deep.

There are two primary variations on the water injection system. Firstly, direct operation where the injected water returns as steam which drives a turbine creating electricity and in that process returns to liquid water to be re-injected into the strata. Secondly, a binary system where the heated water is used to cause a refrigerant to turn to gas and that gas is used to drive a turbine in a close system.

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