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About Us

There is one universal constant whose effects are continuously impacting life on earth, that effect is subtle but pervasive and ageless. That is the effect of gravitational attraction throughout our galaxy, the main contributors to gravity's effects on Earth are the Sun and the Moon. The tidal forces induced on the Earth's waters are the most significant and strongest of any force impacting our home.

We see it in the rise and fall of the tide as a gentle rhythm, but that gentle, mostly imperceptible flow contains a power that is constant, clean and enormous in potential. Many do not realise that the same rise and fall we see in the tides is felt in the solid ground beneath our feet. The whole earth lifts and falls to those same forces, moving, compressing and expanding the solid rock beneath our feet causing stresses which induce heat and keep the molten rock at Earth's core in motion.

Seastrata Energy Limited's goal is to tap in to the abundance of that clean, constant energy continuously refreshed and renewed by the mechanics of the universe itself and therefore just as eternal and powerful. The power is contained in the high temperatures found deep in the Earth's rock strata and in the constant slow flow of waters though the Seas.

Seastrata achieves this by bringing together new innovative and disruptive technologies that together can tap in to the limitless power contained in the slow, inexorable passage of gravitationally induced energy passing through the Earth's crust and seas. These technologies are often combinations of unrelated innovation containing unique proprietary intellectual property that together becomes more than the sum of the parts.

Our goal is to deliver to society, both in the developed and undeveloped world, clean renewable energy in the form of electricity that is produced in such a way as to have zero environmental impact on the land, sea or ecology of our home.

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